Media Coverage

12/11/2020 - Al Jalila Children’s Speciality Hospital introduces gene therapy in UAE 

02/11/2020 - Mohammed Bin Rashid Medical Research Institute, an initiative of Al Jalila Foundation, awards AED2.5 million to advance COVID-19 research in the UAE 

10/06/2020 - An innovative examination to track the course of an infection "Covid-19" in the country

30/05/2020 - UAE’s genetic sequencing of COVID-19 finds 17 new mutations

06/05/2020 - The first of its kind in the UAE.. What is the importance of recording the genetic sequence of the emerging corona virus?

04/02/2020 - Al Jalila children’s launches Genome Centre, first of its kind in UAE

04/02/2020 - Dubai’s Al Jalila Children’s hospital launches genetic testing centre 

26/08/2019: Dr. Ahmad Abou Tayoun, Clinical Molecular Geneticist and Director at Al Jalila Children's Hospital, along with Alan Taylor, Genetic Counselor discussed how genetics are being used today and the implications of it.